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Tailpipe Adapter

Stainless Steel Conical Magnetic Tailpipe Adapter


The durability of stainless steel means that it is not only the best, but also the most economically and sustainable choice for our TopGrade conical Tailpipe Adapter (TPA) range. All Magnetic Grabber® materials used in the production of the TopGrade conical TPA are fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycles and together with our customers and partners, we are building engineering a world that lasts forever.

Plymovent’s legacy of market leading innovation and consistent quality is at the heart of providing you the means to have the right product for every application. By grouping our products into ranges based on performance and application we aim to make choosing the best product for your application easier. Please refer to the TopGrade conical TPA Product Data Sheet for a complete list of article numbers.MAGNETIC STAINLESS STEEL?

The Plymovent base material for our TopGrade conical TPA is a magnetic stainless steel originally designed for high-end gas turbine exhaust systems with good corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength and good formability. It has proven to be a perfect base material to produce the Plymovent TopGrade conical TPA from. The TopGrade conical TPA is ideal for the most extreme weather conditions and is resilient to excessive salt and brine.“Plymovent nailed it…designing a stainless steel tailpipe adapter with good magnetic properties and exceptional resistance to corrosion.”