Vehicle Exhaust

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  • Spring and Motorized Hose Reels that hold a range of “Plymovent and Masterduct” exhaust hoses from 3″ diameter to 8″ diameter with length up to 41 feet long and many different nozzle configurations. Temperature ranges up 1200 degrees F.
  • Block and Latch Balancer Simple Drop Systems with hoses that range from 3″ diameter to 8″ diameter with lengths up to 41 feet long and many different nozzle configurations. Temperature ranges up to 2400 degrees F.
  • Extraction rails that can be over 200 feet long with movable trolleys that support hose reels or lock and latch balancer systems.
  • Boom Arms for extending Simple Drops or Hose Reels off the wall.
  • High Temperature systems for Dyno-Testing.
  • Multiple Exhaust Nozzles Options for any application
  • Plymovent and IVEC offer UL listed control operation systems include features such as Air Monitoring, Automatic Auto-Start, Motorized Dampers and Variable Speed Drives for long term energy & cost saving.

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