Source Capture Exhaust / Welding Fume Extraction / Commercial Air Purification

Air Cleaning Systems and Ultimatum, a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, has experience in both Commercial and Industrial applications since 1975, Air Cleaning Systems, Inc.’s has a stable reputation has put us at the forefront of the Air Cleaning & Filtration, Source Capture Exhaust for Fire, EMS Maintenance Vehicles, Welding, Manufacturing Pollutants  for ALL Industries.

Our company maintains the philosophy that the business of assessment, implementation and service is built upon a reliable relationship we have established with our customers. We employ critical strategies toward a more effective, economical solution in eliminating hazardous pollutants which can improve workforce productivity and reduce building maintenance and utility costs.

In 1989, Air Cleaning Systems, Inc. began seeing a growing trend and governmental pressure to eliminate hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions and pollutants from inside fire houses and maintenance and industrial facilities. We added Plymovent Corp. Vehicle and Industrial Exhaust Systems to our product line. Air Cleaning Systems, Inc. and Plymovent created a partnership by providing sales, service and installation of 100% direct source capture exhaust ventilation systems. Plymovent Emergency Services Magnetic and Pneumatic direct source capture and  Maintenance Bay Hose Reels and Source Nozzle Capture technology has raised the bar with no equals.

Our Plymovent Vehicle Exhaust and industrial Systems are designed for function and ease of access for operation and repair. Properly installed and maintained vehicle and industrial systems can reduce by 100% the effects of contaminants within or outside a building. Our technical experts review client’s requirements and budgetary availability along with compliance in meeting air quality standards. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectation with a high level of customer service.

And most importantly our Newest development of the Ultimatum Airborne Mitigation & Pandemic Filtration/Purification Systems Indoor Air Quality for  Today’s PANDEMIC to Control  your Environment which is continually polluted by Pathogens, unpleasant Odors, Microorganisms,  Viruses, Dust , Dirt, Pollen and other small particles which are Permanently Suspended in the Air which can pose long term health risks. Our Ultimatum Portable, Ceiling Mount Units and In-Line for HVAC Systems have been applied to all industries such as Manufacturing, Hospitals, Vehicles Exhaust, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, Gyms, ETC. Use them Everywhere – we Build Customized Systems to resolve you Problems Utilizing a Combination of Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology & Custom Filter Packages for Filtration.

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