Source Capture Exhaust / Welding Fume Extraction / Commercial Air Purification

Indoor Air Quality is more Important Today than ever Before your Environment is continually polluted by unpleasant Pathogens, Odors, Microorganisms,  Dust , Dirt, Pollen and other small particles which are Permanently Suspended in the Air which can pose long term health risks. Learn how to eliminate this hazard from your office or indoor commercial  and Industrial space with an Ultimatum Airborne Mitigation & Filtration/Purification Systems.

  • Complete Line Ultimatum Airborne Mitigation & Filtration providing the diverse product application available in Today’s Market.
  • Ceiling Mount, Portable Units and In-Line for HVAC Systems
  • Ultimatum for DIESEL EXHAUST CONTROL for the Firehouse and Emergency Vehicle Environments.
  • Ultimatum for all industries such as Manufacturing, Hospitals, Vehicles Exhaust, Schools, Offices, Restaurants, Gyms, ETC .
  • Automatic Control Logic for operating single to multiple units.
  • Air Cleaner Design Criteria unmatched by Industry Standards.
  • Units Cubic Foot per Minute ratings are tested based on the Industry’s DELIVERED AIR RATINGS (CFM ratings with Filter Packages installed) versus misleading Free Air Ratings CFM without Filters. Unmatched Air Changes per Hour in the Industry
  • Unit design provides T-Flow design  Dual air intakes which increases contamination introduction over a GREATER FILTER AREA and  Centered Discharge Louvers (with Silencer) with Four way individually adjustable blades provides Clean Air Controlled Distribution. Thereby increasing unit Efficiency and Effectiveness.
  • Units are design to allow Custom multiple Filters Packages to be inserted for Optimum Effectiveness and Efficiency which incorporates a multi-stage filtration process.
  • FILTER PACKAGE: Pre-filters, Primary Filters and Carbon Module to choose from with Magnehelic Pressure Gage which alerts when  filter change is required.
  • Unit Customization which includes custom outside Paint selections to best adapt to you Building Needs .
  • Ultimatum -IVEC offer UL listed control operation systems include features such as Air Monitoring, Automatic Auto-Start, Motorized Dampers and Variable Speed Drives for long term energy & cost saving.

Why Ultimatum?

Indoor Air Quality is More Important Today & Where People Gather with Airborne Mitigation, Filtration & Purification Systems

  • Use them Everywhere – we Build Customized Systems to resolve you Problems
  • Utilizes Combination of Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology & Filtration
  • Eliminates SARS Covid-2/ Covid-19 & Other Pathogens
  • Breaks down all viruses, bacteria, mold, VOCs , gases, and odors
  • Ion Dispensing Units Sanitizes the air and surfaces easily
  • Ceiling Mount, Portable and In-Line for HVAC Systems
  • Maintains a Healthier, Cleaner  Safer environment
  • Shows your employees and clients you care
  • Enhances Your HVAC Systems
  • UL Certified to be Virtually Ozone Free
  • Made in the USA
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